Ostgut Booking


Fiedel live / dj


Artist Track Label Released
Fiedel Berghain 08 Ostgut Ton 01/2018
Boris & Fiedel Div’hain Ostgut Ton 01/2018
Fiedel No Distance Pure Traxx 10/2017
Fiedel Substance B Ostgut Ton 03/2017
Fiedel Probe 806 Ostgut Ton 10/2015
Fiedel Deare Fiedelone 05/2015
Fiedel Step Aside Fiedelone 01/2015
MMM Jack7 MMM 04/2014
Fiedel Miese Maschine Fiedelone 02/2014
Fiedel Grunewald2 Ostgut Ton 08/2013
Fiedel Trinidad Fiedelone 05/2013
MMM Que Barbaro MMM 04/2013
Fiedel Ferro Fiedelone 11/2012
MMM Dex MMM 03/2011
Fiedel Doors To Manual part of Fünf Ostgut Ton 11/2010
MMM Nous Sommes MMM MMM 02/2010
MMM / Soundhack 10th Anniversary EP MMM/SH04 03/2008
MMM Donna MMM 03/1997
MMM Elekto Cut MMM 02/1996


Artist Track Label Released
AHMD Death Drive (Fiedel Reconstruct) VF Editions 10/2015
Tallmen 785 Down (Fiedel Remix) Fiedeltwo 03/2014
Pev & Asusu Surge (MMM Remix) Livity Sound 12/2013
Your Silent Face A Place Where Arms Bend Backwards (Fiede Fiedeltwo 08/2012
Boys Noize XTC (MMM Remix) Boys Noize 02/2012
Tshetsha Boys Nwampfundla (MMM Remix) Honest Jon’s 02/2012