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Function live / dj


Artist Track Label Released
Function Low Lights & Trick Mirrors Infrastructure New York 06/2016
Function / Inland Colwyn Bay Infrastructure New York 06/2016
Function DX3_Analog_Bass_Seq Ostgut Ton 10/2015
Function Berghain 07 Ostgut Ton 05/2015
Function : Vatican Shadow Games Have Rules Hospital Productions 12/2014
Function Recompiled | Extractions Infrastructure New York 11/2014
Function Synewave Reissues Part I: 1995-97 Infrastructure New York 10/2014
Function / Inland Odeon EP Infrastructure New York 05/2014
Function Remixes Ostgut Ton 11/2013
Function Gradient Ostgut Ton 02/2013
Function Incubation Ostgut Ton 02/2013
Function Obsessed EP Echocord Colour 06/2012
Function vs. Jerome Sydenham White Light (Remixes) Ibadan 03/2012
Function Ember Sandwell District 12/2011
Function / Sandwell District Feed Forward Versions (Part 2) Sandwell District 05/2011
Function Feed Forward Versions Sandwell District 03/2011
Function Variance 1-3 Sandwell District 12/2010
Sandwell District Feed-Forward Sandwell District 12/2010
Kero & Function Function Kero EP Detroit Underground 06/2010
Function vs. Jerome Sydenham White Light Ibadan 05/2010
Function vs. Jerome Sydenham Two Ninety One CLR 04/2010
Function Remixed Sandwell District 10/2009
Function Variance Sandwell District 07/2009
Function Anticipation Sandwell District 07/2008
Function Isolation Sandwell District 12/2007
Function / O/V Substance Vol. 1 Infrastructure New York 12/2003
Function / Aural Emote Throw / Second Thought Infrastructure New York / Symbol 01/2001
Function The Balance Of Power EP Infrastructure New York 01/2001
Function Security Infrastructure New York 01/2001
Function Reinforced Infrastructure New York / Synewa 01/1999
Function The Dielectric Coefficient Infrastructure New York 01/1998
Mederic Nebinger and Function Emilion Déjà Vous 01/1997
Function F(C): Function Of A Constant Synewave 01/1997
Damon Wild vs. Function Covert Operations Synewave 01/1997
Function F(Q): Function Of Bandwidth Synewave 01/1996


Artist Track Label Released
Source Direct The Crane (Inland & Function Rmx) Nonplus Records 06/2016
Scuba Why You Feel So Low (Function Remix) Hotflush Recordings 11/2015
Abstract Division Metropolis (Function Remix) Dynamic Reflection 07/2015
Laibach Resistance Is Futile (Function Remix) Mute Records 03/2015
Alex Coulton Freefall (Function/Inland Remix) Bloc 02/2015
Blondes Wire (Function Remix) Rvng Intl. 04/2014
Epi Centrum Raw (Function Remix) Synewave 04/2014
Atom™ Ich Bin Meine Maschine (Function Remix) Raster-Noton 01/2014
Rødhåd Patient Zero (Function Remix) Dystopian 01/2014
Pigon Kamm (Function Version) Lirum Larum 05/2012
Infiniti Flash Flood (Function Remix) Tresor 04/2012
Octave One I Believe (Sandwell District Remix) 430 West 12/2011
Gregor Tresher Through The Shadow Glass (Function Remix Break New Soil 09/2011
Raíz Keep Secrets (Function + Jerome Sydenham Droid Recordings 12/2010
Traversable Wormhole Traversing The Asteroid Belt (Function CLR 11/2010
Reality Or Nothing Untitled (Function Mix) RSB 09/2010
Planetary Assault Systems GT (Function & Jerome Sydenham Remix) Mote-Evolver 09/2010
Terence Fixmer Electric City (Function Remix) Electric Deluxe 01/2010
Final Exposure Vortex (Function Remix) Plus 8 Records 12/2009
Ben Klock Subzero (Function-Regis Remix) Ostgut Ton 08/2009
Miss Kittin & The Hacker PPPO (Function Remix) Nobody's Bizzness 03/2009
Kalon Man Is The Superior Animal (Function Edi Sandwell District 12/2008
Silent Servant / Function Violencia (Function Remix) Sandwell District 10/2008
Christian Wünsch White Coats (Function Remix) Tsunami Records 05/2006
Kevin Pearson Accomplices (Function Remix) Evidence 01/2005
Aural Emote Used/Amused (Function Mix) Symbolism 12/2004
Sims & Dax Stability (Function Mix) Theory Recordings 01/1998
Equinox Into Battle (Function Remix) Synewave 01/1998