Ostgut Booking


Nick Höppner dj


Artist Track Label Released
Nick Höppner Work LP Ostgut Ton 06/2017
Nick Höppner Box Drop EP Ostgut Ton 03/2017
Gonno & Nick Höppner Fantastic Planet EP Ostgut Ton 11/2016
Nick Höppner Pneuma Aus Music 07/2016
Fort Romeau / Nick Höppner Untitled Cin Cin 11/2015
Nick Höppner Double-Cross Ostgut Ton 10/2015
Nick Höppner Remixes Ostgut Ton 09/2015
Nick Höppner Folk LP Ostgut Ton 03/2015
Ryan Elliott Track For Eb part of Panorama Bar 06 Ostgut Ton 07/2013
Nick Höppner Red Hook Soil EP Ostgut Ton 07/2012
Nick Höppner Panorama Bar 04 Ostgut Ton 06/2012
Nick Höppner EX.098 Resident Advisor 06/2011
Nick Höppner FACT Mix 256 FACT Magazine 06/2011
Nick Höppner A Peck And A Pawn EP Ostgut Ton 11/2010
Nick Höppner ISP part of Fünf Ostgut Ton 10/2010
MyMy Mymorial on Watergate 07 - Lee Jones Watergate Records 03/2010
Nick Höppner Brush Me Down EP Ostgut Ton 11/2009
MyMy & Emika Price Tag Aus Music 03/2009
Nick Höppner Makeover / Foundling Ostgut Ton 07/2008
Nick Höppner LWE Podcast 03 Little White Earbuds 07/2008
MyMy Everybody's Talkin' EP Playhouse 02/2008
MyMy Southbound / Pink Ostgut Ton 03/2007
Nick Höppner Who Needs Action / Violet Ostgut Ton 11/2006
MyMy Butterflies & Zebras EP Aus Music 10/2006
MyMy RA.034 Resident Advisor 10/2006
MyMy Songs For the Gentle LP Playhouse 09/2006
MyMy Kinesi Workshop EP Circus Company 05/2006
MyMy Swiss On Rye EP Playhouse 12/2005
MyMy Serpentine EP Playhouse 05/2005
MyMy Klatta EP Playhouse 12/2004


Artist Track Label Released
Komon & Will Saul Harmonise (Nick Höppner Remix) Aus Music 05/2017
Randweg Wokules Walzer (Nick Höppner's S612 Remi Funken 03/2017
Pablo Mateo Book Of Poison (Nick Höppner Remix) UNCAGE 12/2016
Nick Höppner November Rain liebe*detail 06/2016
Hunter/Game Origins (Nick Höppner Remix) Kompakt 05/2014
Asusu Sister (Nick Höppner Remix) Livity Sound 11/2013
Dauwd And (Nick Höppner Remix) Pictures Music / Ghostly Interna 11/2010
Airhead Paper Street (Nick Höppner Remix) Brainmath 02/2010
Lee Jones Close Circus (Nick Höppner Remix) Cityfox 02/2009
Ed Davenport Eyespeak (Nick Höppner Remix) liebe*detail spezial 12/2008
David Durango Nocturnal Passion (Nick Höppner Remix) Meerestief Records 07/2008
Freedarich & Stiggsen Redlights (MyMy Remix) Le Bien Et Le Mal 04/2008
Kimouts Down To Earth (MyMy Monterrey Wash Remix Buzzin' Fly Records 09/2007
Richard Davis Cold Hard Facts (Nick Höppner Remix) Was Not Was 07/2007
St. Sebastian Drunk Lover (MyMy Remix) Dessous Recordings 05/2007
Simon Baker The Fly (MyMy Rmx) Connaisseur Supérieur 04/2007
Juho Kahilainen Sleeping With The Lizards (MyMy Remix) BPitch Control 11/2006
Duoteque Amarcord (MyMy Remix) Boxer Recordings 08/2006
Mia Tanz der Moleküle (MyMy Original Mix / Sony BMG 07/2006
Djuma Soundsystem Les Djinns (MyMy Remix) Get Physical 06/2006
Aaron Hedges Deutsch lernen (MyMy Remix) District Of Corruption 05/2006
Aeox Under Fire (MyMy’s Low Carb Mix) Null Records 07/2005
Alter Ego Transphormer (MyMy’s Alter Ego Remix) Klang 07/2005