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Vatican Shadow live / dj


Artist Track Label Released
Prurient Garden Of The Mutilated Paratroopers Hospital Productions | Profound 07/2019
Ugandan Methods | Prurient Venom Timetables Ostgut Ton 03/2019
Los Angeles Death Cult El Culto De Los Angeles De La Muerte Ostgut Ton 03/2019
Vatican Shadow Berghain 09 Ostgut Ton 03/2019
Vatican Shadow Opium Crop Airstrikes Hospital Productions 01/2019
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Venus Flytrap Exotica Editions Gravats 01/2019
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Red Ants Genesis Hospital Productions 10/2018
Vatican Shadow Desert Father (Modeselektor Edit) Monkeytown / Ninja Tune 06/2018
Prurient Rainbow Mirror Hospital Productions 10/2017
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Ambient Black Magic Hospital Productions 10/2017
Vatican Shadow Luxor Necropolitics Hospital Productions 08/2017
Vatican Shadow Rubbish Of The Floodwaters Ostgut Ton 05/2017
Vatican Shadow & Telefon Tel Aviv Rejoice fabric records 11/2016
Vatican Shadow Media In The Service of Terror LTD Hospital Productions 09/2016
Vatican Shadow Swords Over Paradise Infrastructure New York 06/2016
Vatican Shadow Media In The Service Of Terror Hospital Productions 06/2016
Prurient Frozen Niagara Falls Profound Lore Records 05/2015
Function : Vatican Shadow Games Have Rules Hospital Productions 09/2014
Ugandan Methods / Prurient Dial B For Beauty Downwards 09/2014
Vatican Shadow Death Is Unity With God Hospital Productions 05/2014
Vatican Shadow When You Are Crawling Hospital Productions 11/2013
Vatican Shadow Remember Your Black Day Hospital Productions 10/2013
Prurient Through The Window Blackest Ever Black 02/2013
JK Flesh / Prurient Worship Is The Cleansing Of The Imaginat Hydra Head Records 01/2013
Vatican Shadow It Stands To Conceal Hospital Productions 12/2012
Vatican Shadow Ornamented Walls Modern Love 10/2012
Vatican Shadow September Cell Bed Of Nails Compound 07/2012
Vatican Shadow Iraqi Praetorian Guard Blackest Ever Black 07/2012
Prurient Time's Arrow Hydra Head Records 10/2011
Vatican Shadow Washington Buries Al Qaeda Leader At Sea Hospital Productions 10/2011
Prurient Bermuda Drain Hydra Head Records 07/2011
Vatican Shadow Kneel Before Religious Icons Hospital Productions 01/2011
Prurient / Nico Vascellari Jesus Hospital Productions 12/2010
Vatican Shadow Byzantine Private CIA Hospital Productions 01/2010
Prurient And Still, Wanting No Fun Productions 11/2008
Prurient Arrowhead Editions Mego 07/2008
Prurient Cocaine Death Hospital Productions 01/2008
Prurient Pleasure Ground Load Records 03/2006
Prurient Black Vase Load Records 08/2005
Prurient The History Of Aids Armageddon Label 09/2002
Prurient Body Language Peel Back The Sky 03/2001
Prurient A Simple Mark Hospital Productions 01/1998


Artist Track Label Released
John Carpenter Purgatory (Prurient Remix) Sacred Bones Records 10/2015
Recondite Abscondence (Vatican Shadow Remix) Ghostly International 11/2014
Akkord Typeface / Greyscale (Vatican Shadow's T Houndstooth 11/2014
The Field Cupid's Head (Vatican Shadow Mix) Kompakt 01/2014
Function Psychic Warfare (Vatican Shadow Remix) Ostgut Ton 11/2013
These Hidden Hands Ivy (Vatican Shadow Remix) Hidden Hundred 08/2013
Vessel Court Of Lions (Prurient Remix) Tri Angle Records 06/2013