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Barker | Utility | CD Album


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On his debut solo LP Utility, Barker turns his focus toward melding experimentation and dancefloor pragmatism with the psychology behind the musical decision making process. Utility is a playful but non-ironic musical approach to a whole spectrum of utilitarian and transhumanist ideas: from models for quantifying pleasure and “gradients of bliss” to abolishing suffering for sentient beings (not just people) through the ethical use of drugs and nanotechnology. Over nine tracks, Barker’s vision ebbs and flows through waves of deeply psychedelic musical vignettes; free-floating and futuristic melodies and rhythms as targeted brain stimulation.
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Tracklisting digipak CD:
01. Paradise Engineering
02. Posmean
03. Experience Machines
04. Gradients Of Bliss
05. Hedonic Treadmill
06. Models Of Wellbeing
07. Utility
08. Wireheading
09. Die-Hards Of The Darwinian Order

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artwork: MF Herzog
release date: September 6, 2019