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Ben Klock | Before One

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Ben Klock | Before One | o-ton 19


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Before One is an EP preceding Ben Klock’s debut album One, which released late February 2009 on Ostgut Ton. It features four tracks, of which only one, “Init Two”, will be included on the album. These tracks already give a great impression of where One is headed: classic techno with heart and soul. On an equal footing with each other, all tracks display an even more complex quality than we already came to expect from Ben. Here, Ben matches his original, bass heavy Berghain sound with almost tender Acid sequences “Subzero”), the shuffling monster groove of “Napoleon Hill”, a melody in “Before One” that seeps into brains with no fail and an homage to Berlin/Detroit inspired ambient on “Init Two”. This is a perfect record; for us, for self-respecting Techno DJs, for everyone.

Tracklisting 12" Vinyl:
A1. Napoleon Hill
A2. Subzero
B1. Before One
B2. Init Two

black 12" vinyl, 2019 repress
artwork: Marc Brandenburg
release date: January 12, 2009