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Phase Fatale | Scanning Backwards | CD |

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Phase Fatale | Scanning Backwards | CD Album


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Scanning Backwards is music about control. Using the connection between weaponized sound and psychological manipulation as a conceptual foundation, Phase Fatale explores the ways in which music – and sub frequencies in particular – are used to influence thinking and to synchronize emotions and behavior: from military technology to sound systems and the physicality and sexuality of queer techno culture.

Known for his innovative post-punk takes of dance music as featured on EPs for unterton and Ostgut Ton, the Berghain resident draws on his background as both a guitarist and sound engineer to create a heady mix of broken rhythms, noise-, and shoegaze-inflected techno, often at slower tempos. The result is music with space and pace to expand, highlighting the intense rushes of frequencies found in both sonic warfare and functional dance music.
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Tracklisting digipak CD:
01. Velvet Imprints
02. Binding by Oath
03. Polystyrene
04. During the Freezing Process
05. Mass Deception
06. Proxy Contact
07. De-patterning
08. Splintered Heels

digipak CD
artwork: northor
release date: January 24, 2020